Shangjiu Festival (from the seventh day to the ninth day of the first month) is a unique folk trade activity in Xiaoquan ancient town. For hundreds of years, tens of thousands of people gather in the ancient town from the seventh to the ninth day of the first month every year to create a real hometown memory and local feelings, find the taste of the new year in memory, and let you taste a different Chinese year in Xiaoxiang through folk culture performance, experience, Spring Festival blessing, commodity exchange and other traditional cultural activities.
The folk custom tour "sending blessings in An'an" (the ninth day of the first month) is an innovative measure to further tap the connotation of the provincial intangible cultural heritage "sending rice in An'an" and inherit the development of morality and filial piety culture. The purpose is to fully display the profound cultural heritage of Xiaoquan town and the positive spiritual outlook of Xiaoquan people through the parade activities. At the same time, the Spring Festival blessing representing "An'an", the disseminator of filial piety culture, will be given to the majority of tourists to activate the vitality of filial piety culture, which will play a positive role in accelerating the dissemination of characteristic folk culture of Xiaoquan, the development of tourism industry and economic take-off.
Releasing river lanterns (the 15th day of the first month) is an ancient folk custom in China, which carries the people's longing for a better life and the wishes of their families for happiness and well-being. Lights on the river, pray for national peace and security< br/> Every year on the Lantern Festival night, Xiaoquan ancient town will hold a lantern festival to continue this ancient custom and inherit this nostalgia. The lights shine, and the sea is endless. Each river lamp carries countless expectations of all sentient beings, and each lamp conveys the voice of wishing for happiness and peace. The lights go on, igniting hope and transmitting compassion and love.
Tomb Sweeping Day ancestor worship (April 5) is the memory of ancestors' filial piety and emotion. Drinking water does not forget the source. It is a kind of moral and filial piety culture of self-cultivation and family unity. On the same day, descendants surnamed Jiang from all over the country attended the ancestor worship ceremony in Hanfu with respect for their ancestors. It plays a very important role in building a harmonious society by promoting, expanding and spreading the culture of morality and filial piety, inheriting the excellent family style and family instructions, and improving the family cohesion of the Jiang clan.
City God's tour (the fifth day of May) every year on the fifth day of may in the lunar calendar, Xiaoquan holds a city god tour, which has been followed for hundreds of years. Relying on the historical allusions of "Han Cheng savior", take the loyal and good Han of the Ming Dynasty as a model, interpret the connotation of "loyalty and filial piety", inject modern harmony and patriotic elements, improve the landscape image of Dexiao City, and create a beautiful landscape for the ancient town Xiaoquan.
Gantian grand filial piety Festival (October 5) during the Eastern Han Dynasty, Xiaoquan gave birth to the eldest filial son Jiang Shi and his filial daughter-in-law Pang Sanchun. The filial piety of Jiang Shi and his wife moved God, and they jumped carp in Yongquan. After the death of Jiang Shi Sanchun and his wife, Emperor Shun of the Han Dynasty was moved by the deeds of "one family, three filial piety" and "sending rice in peace" of the Jiang family. In the fifth year of Yongjian (AD 130), he issued a decree to build ancestral temples and workshops for them to commend their filial piety. Every year, Xiaoquan holds sacrificial activities to worship Jiang Shi's family and promote the culture of filial piety. The form of expression has the characteristics of the times and is large-scale. On the one hand, it reflects the solemnity of sacrifice, on the other hand, it can convey the touching filial piety to every audience and move every audience.
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